Change Log

v0.10.2 (October 3, 2018)

  • fix incorrect return type in the documentation for Message methods (thanks to Zach Hardesty)

v0.10.1 (July 10, 2018)

  • allow missing fields in Mention objects in support of very old message attachments
  • update documentation to warn users of HTTP 429 responses when creating chat messages with non-application API tokens
  • update development status to Production/Stable in

v0.10.0 (June 4, 2018)

  • fix image attachment creation
  • support pickling/unpickling of Resource objects

v0.9.2 (December 23, 2017)

  • fix travis CD

v0.9.0 (December 23, 2017)

  • add Block equality by user_id and blocked_user_id
  • add Bot equality by bot_id
  • add Message equality by id
  • add Member equality by id
  • add Group equality by group_id

v0.8.1 (December 19, 2017)

  • fix bug when converting stange/invalid timestamps to datetimes
  • add missing created_at and updated_at in Chat resources

v0.8.0 (December 15, 2017)

This version represents a significant, backwards-incompatible change! The old API was brittle, poorly designed, and very difficult to test.

  • No more global api key; create clients using a specific api key instead
  • Added missing group functionality:
    • joining with a share token
    • rejoining a former group
    • changing group ownership
  • Added additional endpoints:
    • leaderboard
    • blocks
  • Reverse engineered the undocumented gallery endpoint
    • has all known supported listing methods
    • supports before, after, and since with UTC datetime s
  • Added paging control for endpoints that support it
  • Message paging now maintains the order in which they come from the API:
    • “before” messages go back in time
    • “after” messages go forward in time
  • much more grandular exceptions and no layer violations
  • removal of Pillow depenedency for images; simply upload/download image bytes and do with them as you please
  • result filtering has been moved and improved
    • can now make and reuse a filter
    • can create arbitrary sets of tests and use them in a filter
  • now uses the Apache license instead of GPLv3

v0.7.1 (March 29, 2017)

  • Fixed an issue serializing attachments posted by the user (not a bot) (thanks to a-vilmin for reporting the issue)

v0.7.0 (November 19, 2016)

  • Fixed an issue with attachments not being serializable. Now an attempt to call their as_dict method is made (thank you to awctomlinson for pointing it out)
  • Fixed problem with is_liked_by_me, is_from_me and metions_me when used on DirectMessages (thank you to mmigrate)
  • Added attachment support to Bot’s post method (thank you again to mmigrate)
  • Fixed a mispelling in the mentions_me method name (thank you adelq)

v0.6.6 (April 23, 2016)

  • Fixed a typo in the docs regarding the type of the group parameter of the Bot class (kudos to JCDJulian)
  • Fixed the Group.update method signature to include the group_id (kudos to mmirate)
  • Fixed Member.identification such that it uses Member.guid rather than Member._guid (kudos to mmirate)
  • Fixed the uncaught exception chain that occurred when a 304 was returned in Recipient.messages (thanks to dvmorris and sbonds for pointing it out)
  • Updated the list of contributors

v0.6.5 (January 17, 2016)

  • Fixed typo the Bot class that caused the bots to have a “gorup_id” (kudos to JCDJulian)
  • All modules except object/ and object/ now have full test coverage
  • Updated AUTHORS.rst with all contributors to date (feel free to PR with an email address added to your username)
  • Fixed leftover markdown formatting in the CHANGELOG.rst file

v0.6.4 (December 31, 2015)

  • Fixed bugs with creating bots (kudos to qlyoung)
  • Fixed bugs with posting messages as bots (kudos again to qlyoung)
  • Fixed typo bugs in Group class (kudos to t3zla)
  • Fixed missing Python 3 trove classifier
  • Added documentation for contributions
  • Updated documentation for setup and installation
  • Added a couple more unit tests
  • Reconfigured tox test results to not clobber results from other environments

v0.6.3 (December 23, 2015)

  • Added support for tox (envs py34,py35)
  • Added support for bumpversion
  • Added make file for handy development
  • Moved to nosetests and coverage
  • Split requirements into regular and testing
  • Updated some of the installation/troubleshooting docs
  • Merged in open pull-requests for various oversights (kudos to ScufyfNrdHrdr, rAntonioH, and JacobAMason)

v0.6.2 (May 3, 2015)

  • Fixed problem when posting messages as a bot
  • Added refresh option for automatically updating group information after addition/removal of members
  • Updated documentation

v0.6.1 (April 25, 2015)

  • Fixed code in that was still using the old exception class name
  • Changed the Member.remove() method to correctly use the id of the member rather than the user_id
  • Slight beefing up of some documentation

v0.5.8 (December 9, 2014)

  • Fixed problems with requirements.txt and that caused problems installing from pip
  • Re-wrote many of the unittests (still in progress)
  • Added Travis-CI and PyPI badges to the readme
  • Bumped requirement for dropbox’s responses to 0.3.0
  • Now uses setup from setuptools rather than distutils.core

v0.5.3 (September 19, 2014)

  • Fix packaging bug that caused inner packages to not be installed via pip3

v0.5.2 (September 14, 2014)

  • Now installable via pip3:

    $ pip3 install GroupyAPI

v0.5.1 (August 25, 2014)


  • Added a class method for creating a new group
  • Added an instance method for destroying a group


  • Fixed member identification on dictionaries


  • Fixed the enable/disable SMS methods (now class methods as they should be)


  • Added some module docstrings
  • Added API docs for all attachment classes
  • Added docs for split attachments
  • Moved FilterList docs into the Advanced Usage section
  • Rewrote API docs for enabling SMS mode
  • Fixed bad sphinx references
  • Fixed typos
  • Added miscellaneous sections to the README
  • Updated feature list

v0.5.0 (August 20, 2014)

  • Added support for downloaded the image of an image attachment
  • Reorganized modules and project structure
  • Updated documentation

v0.4.0 (August 18, 2014)

  • Added ability to list all known members
  • Re-wrote attachments classes

v0.3.1 (August 14, 2014)

  • Fixed bug when adding members to a group
  • Many additions to the documentation

v0.3.0 (August 12, 2014)

  • Added post and messages methods to members
  • Added after_id parameter for direct messages
  • Fixed liking and unliking direct messages
  • Fixed listing former groups
  • Fixed group lists being limited to a max of 500 items
  • Documentation now available on Read the Docs!

v0.2.0 (August 11, 2014)

  • Added MessagePager class for returning lists of messages

v0.1.3 (August 10, 2014)

  • Added attachment class
  • Added basic documentation
  • Fixed the automatic splitting of long texts
  • Fixed invalid response error issue

v0.1.0 (August 9, 2014)

  • Initial release