The simple yet powerful API client for the GroupMe messaging service.

$ python3 -m pip install GroupyAPI
>>> from groupy import Client
>>> client = Client.from_token('api_token')

>>> groups = list(client.groups.list_all())

>>> for group in groups:
...     print(

>>> group = groups[0]
>>> for member in group.members:
...     print(member.nickname)

>>> for message in group.messages.list_all():
...     print(message.text)
...     for attachment in message.attachments:
...         print(attachment.type)
...     if 'love' in message.text.lower():


Groupy supports the entire GroupMe API… plus one or two undocumented features.

  • list current and former groups
  • create, update, and destroy groups
  • list group and chat messages
  • access group leaderboards and galleries
  • post new messages to groups and chats
  • upload images for use as attachments
  • download image attachments
  • add, remove, and list group members
  • like and unlike messages
  • access your user account details
  • update your SMS mode settings
  • block and unblock other users
  • post messages as a bot
  • create, list, update, and destroy bots
  • list chats with other users
  • join new groups and rejoin former groups
  • transfer group ownership

About GroupMe

GroupMe is a messaging app that allows you to create groups and have others join them with you. In addition to group messaging, fellow group members can be messaged directly. GroupMe is available for most platforms, lets you share links, images, and locations, and messages can be favorited (or “liked”). You can read more about GroupMe, but the best part about it is that they provide an API!

The GroupMe API is documented, but there are some notable omissions. Many of the properties of groups and messages are not documented, and some features are only hinted at by the documentation. Regardless, all of the information about your groups, their members, their messages, you, and your bots can be obtained through the GroupMe API. You can read the API documentation for more (or less) detailed information.